Building Code Standards Committee Board Members

The original Building Code Standards Committee [BCSC] was established in 1981 by Title 23, Chapter 27.3 of the Rhode Island General Laws. The current compliment of twenty-five (25) board members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for three (3) year terms. The BCSC elects its own chairperson on an annual basis.


Wayne R. Pimental, ICC CBO, CFM  / Chairperson * #

Minimum Housing Official

Joseph L. Warner, Jr., CBO, CFM / Vice-Chairperson * #

Building Official (Municipality < 20,000)

Paul R. Alvarez

RI Building Trades Council

Edward J. Burman, Jr.

Superintendent of Building Construction

Robert E. DeBlois, Jr.


Alfred T. DeCorte, CBO #

Building Official (Municipality > 59,999)

Paul M. DePace, P.E.

Person with Disabilities

Cyndi Gerlach, AIA *

Registered Architect

James B. Gumbley

Fire Code Official

Frank A. Montanaro

General Public

Kevin A. Moran

RI Builders Association

David M. Murphy, CBO * #

Building Official (Municipality 20,001 - 59,999)

Michael A. Newman #

Master Plumber

M. David Odeh, P.E. *

Registered Professional Engineer -- Structural

Michael S. Paolucci

Class A Licensed Electrician

Walter J. Powers, Jr., P.E.

Registered Professional Engineer -- Electrical

Gordon W. Preiss, P.E. #

Registered Professional Engineer -- Mechanical

Ashley Robinette

Public Health Official

Stephen C. Turner

General Public

Joseph L. Walsh, Jr.

RI Building Trades Council

Seth Zeren

RI Builders Association


Registered Architect


Electrical Inspector


Registered Landscape Architect


Person with Disabilities


James Cambio, ICC CBO

Executive Secretary

W Keith Burlingame, Esq.

Legal Counsel


* = Member of the Executive Committee

# = Member of the Certification Subcommittee